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A structured, early childhood education down on the farm


More than just a Preschool

At Hazelwild Farm, we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to our Country Day Preschool. We offer a structured learning environment with frequent periods of relaxation & coordinated activities geared to the age & ability of the individual child. 


All of our Hazelwild teachers are professionally prepared with experience in both public & private schools.  With extensive training in the field of early childhood education & child development, we strive for the harmonious development of your child in our stimulating but relaxed atmosphere.  

Registration will be open to the public on March 7 at 9:00 AM

ALL registrations must be accompanied by a birth certificate and an up to date physical and immunization record.  Registrations will not be accepted if these items are not presented. 

Registration is ongoing for Kindergarten and Preschool.  Please call our office at 540-891-8751 for more information.  

Hazelwild Farm


Our hope for children is that they will move through life with the grace and dignity that comes from having been cherished.



Hazelwild Farm Readng Curriculum



The reading curriculum at Hazelwild is one of a phono-visual method of teaching.  The procedure is taught in three basic steps:

  1. Teach all initial consonant sounds

  2. Teach all initial and final consonant sounds

  3. Teach vowel sounds

Hazelwild Farm Math Curriculum



We believe young children learn best by doing, playing, exploring and experimenting with materials that they can see, touch and manipulate.  For this reason, the math program we implement uses a "hands-on" approach. The students use various manipulatives, which include pattern blocks, unifix cubes, geo-boards, counting bears, attitude tiles and links. As the children interact with these objects they will acquire the skills necessary to lay a successful foundation in mathematics.

Hazelwild Farm Science & Social Studies Curriculum

Science & Social Studies


Hazelwild's science curriculum covers topics such as Animal Life, The Five Senses, Prehistoric Life, Transportation, Plant Life, Weather, and Sea Life. Categories included in the Social Studies program are School Life, Holiday, Other Cultures, Family Life, Current Events, and Community Helpers/Service. "Hands-on" projects and activities add to the fun of exploring and experimenting within these two curriculums.

Hazelwild Farm

Our preschool is designed for children 3 to 4 years of age. Our enrollment is limited. When a child's application is approved, he/she is accepted for the fall school session. To complete the application process, the custodial parent must read, sign & be willing to abide by the Hazelwild Country Day School's Student Handbook & Brochure.


  • Child must be three (3) years of age by September 30th to be a candidate for enrollment in the 3-year old classes.

  • Child must be four (4) years of age by September 30th to be a candidate for enrollment in the 4-year old classes.

  • Child must be five (5) years of age by September 30th to be a candidate for enrollment in the Kindergarten program.

  • All students must be toilet trained & able to take care of hygiene needs

  • No pull-ups or sippy cups

  • Every child must have a complete & up-to-date file (includes application form, registration fee, birth certificate, and Virginia physical & immunization forms)

Hazelwild Farm
Hours, Tuition & Fees


New Students . . . $65.00

Returning Students . . . $55.00

This fee should accompany all applications. The registration fee becomes non-refundable once the application is accepted. If for any reason the application is not accepted, the registration fee will be returned. This fee covers all administrative costs. There is a sibling discount of $10.00 per month for the second child.


Half-Day . . . $475.00/month

Full-Day . . . $805.00/month

* Lunch will be provided to full-day kindergarten classes.


1st through 5th . . .  Regular Rate

6th through 10th . . . Add $10.00

11th through 15th . . . Add $20.00

16th through 31st . . . Add $30.00


*Late fees will be assessed to your account, so please include them in your tuition payment.



School tuition is divided into monthly payments coinciding with the school term, August through June. All rates apply to 3-year old, 4-year old and Kindergarten classes. Tuition is due the first of each month. Rates are adjusted accordingly.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday - $375.00

Monday-Friday - $475.00

Tuesday/Thursday - $345.00


Tuesday/Thursday Full Day. . . $485.00

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Full Day . . . $610.00

Monday-Friday . . . $805.00


*Extended care includes a hot lunch, afternoon snack & rest time


Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM